Studying With Mark

As a voice teacher, Mark understands the intricacies of the human voice. Students will learn to expand their vocal range, improve pitch, develop good technique, gain confidence. and have fun doing it in a relaxed home-studio environment. Voice students will also learn music theory and sight-reading/ear-training skills.

As a piano/organ teacher, Mark helps students reach their full potential through development of technique and repertoire. Students learn to read music, understand music theory, even learn to play-by-ear and improvise accompaniments, becoming a well-rounded and proficient musician.

Music theory has always been one of Mark’s favorite areas of interest. Theory is a body of knowledge that has been developed over the centuries, by people experimenting with satisfying musical sounds, and trying to understand why some sounds work better than others. Understanding basic music structure is a valuable tool in expanding one’s appreciation of the voice or keyboard.

As a teacher of young conductors, Mark has instructed and inspired students at the university level. Students will learn, through various means and nuances, to bring life and vitality to the music they conduct. They will also learn how to convey musical knowledge and interpretive wishes through conducting technique.